White Hat SEO

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White Hat SEO

Show your customers how credible you and your company are by getting truly good quality traffic based on the highest positions in SERPs. Would you like to be seen as a market leader? 3 reasons why White Hat SEO is so important to your marketing strategy:


White Hat SEO techniques help you get the exposure you need to people who are looking for just the types of solutions you offer. Implementing White Hat SEO techniques is an easy way to reach your target group and find potential clients.


Your business will grow together with your website’s position in Google’s search results. It’s simple – a higher position=more valuable traffic=more conversions.


The position of your website in Google’s search results influences your internet reputation and allows you to compete with all of the leaders in your market. Your position in SERPs is an important factor in building brand awareness, too.

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White Hat SEO idea

There are several website positioning methods, but White Hat SEO is by far the safest and most valuable to the user. White Hat SEO is a set of activities consistent with Google’s policies in order to improve a website’s position. The aim of White Hat SEO is to increase the number of conversions on the site by providing valuable traffic from organic results. The greatest advantages of White Hat SEO over other techniques are its ability to greatly improve user experience through page optimisation and providing the right content to a given target group, as well as its guarantee of page safety.

The Cost of White Hat SEO

The cost of White Hat SEO depends on the range of activities that will need to be performed in order to achieve a high position in Google. These activities can be divided into several groups:

  • Audit – the purpose of an audit is to identify the factors that are having a negative effect on the position of a website in Google’s search results.
  • The content – a page should contain contain content that is interesting and valuable to users, which on the one hand affects a website’s visibility in SERPs, and on the other hand makes people more willing to share links to it on the internet (link earning).
  • Inbound links – one of the important factors taken into consideration when determining a website’s position in Google’s search results for certain keywords is the number and quality of links leading to the website. As an agency we will make sure to provide your site with as many valuable links as it needs to climb Google’s ladder. The price of our services depends on the initial state of a site, its position, and the keyword competition.

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How do we work?

Here is a list of the things we will do if you decide to cooperate with us:


1. Define KPI's

  • Goals – Tell us your business goals.
  • Strategy – We will propose a strategy to achieve your goals based on your budget.

2. Conduct an SEO audit

  • Code optimisation.
  • User Experience.
  • Content.

3. Create a strategy

  • Keywords – We will choose the keywords that are the best for your business goals, keeping in mind that the most competitive keywords are not always the best ones.
  • Content – We will provide high quality, interesting and valuable content for your product/service pages and/or blog.
  • Link earning – We will provide high quality, diversified links to your website that will improve its position in the search results.

4. Deliver reports

  • You will be given access to a position checker tool so you can observe and monitor the effects of our work.
  • We will also show you where we got each and every link to your site, as well as exactly what we did during every cooperation period.

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