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Social Media

Do you want to be in close touch with your target group? Get your brand some fans and be recognizable to the enormous amount or people whi use social media in their everyday lives! There are many reasons why you should opt for social media marketing:

Conversion opportunities

Social Media can provide you with high-quality traffic from people who are involved in your products, services or brand in general. 

Brand loyalty

People that follow a brand on social media are much more likely to be loyal customers. So show them they’re special and unique!

Customer experience

People like to talk with brands, and this means you can improve your customers’ experience by simply talking with them via your social media channels.

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Social Media: different platforms for different goals

Social Media websites include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and many, many others, including Google’s own Google Plus. Let us help you achieve your business goals taking advantage of the high-quality social media communication and the kind of high-converting traffic social media provides. We will help you select the best channel for your goals and needs and give you everything you need to utilise it to its full potential, including content. You can always count on our professional advice—whatever your question, we’re here to answer it.

The Cost of Social Media Marketing

The price of social media marketing services depends on the platform you choose and the actions that will be implemented to achieve your objectives. Our standard social media services:

  • Managing a social media account
  • Posting, tweeting, tagging, etc., as well as creating/obtaining any graphic designs or photos—in short, whatever is needed
  • Managing advertising campaigns on social media platforms

We are aware of our customers’ needs at all times, and we know they may vary greatly, so all of our offers are always unique.

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How do we work?

Here is a list of the things we will do if you decide to cooperate with us:


1. Define KPI's

  • Goals – Tell us about your goals and we’ll find the right way to achieve them together.

2. Create a strategy

  • Idea – We will propose an appropriate method of
  • Services – We will plan the entire communication process via the most effective social media website.
  • Timing – We will let you know what the best timing would be for the activities to be carried out.

3. Execute the strategy

  • Content production – We will provide constant high-quality content.
  • Publishing – We will publish your content on the most effective social media websites most useful to you.
  • Promotion – We will promote your content in order to widen your audience.
  • Analysis & Optimisation – We will analyse and optimise your campaign to get the highest performance.

4. Deliver reports

  • You will receive a full summary of our activities and our plan for the next period of cooperation.

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