RTB Campaigns

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RTB Campaigns

RTB campaigns are a great way to the reduce cost of your display campaigns, build brand awareness and increase sales. Do you want to be everywhere your customers are? The main advantages of RTB campaigns are:

Better ROI

RTB solutions can decrease the cost of your display campaigns and improve your conversion rate, greatly improving your return on this investment.

Good Audience

RTB campaigns allow us to serve specific ads to specific target groups based on their behaviour on your website. We can also increase the potential of your target group using look-alike targeting.


Self-improving RTB algorithms react to the rapidly-changing market. By analysing CTR, costs, the effectiveness of certain ads and many more factors, RTB campaigns learn how to provide the desired results at the lowest cost possible.

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Managing RTB campaigns requires a lot of knowledge and experience. There are some RTB platforms on market that are relatively easy to configure, but all of the most effective and profitable RTB solutions have a lot of parameters that need to be set. If they are not set properly, you run the risk of wasting quite a bit of money. The biggest advantages of letting our specialists manage your RTB campaigns are our knowledge, experience and expertise. Our team has completed numerous successful projects, achieving many sales and branding goals and finding new leads. Using the most advanced RTB platforms as well as Google Analytics, we can direct high converting users straight on your site. Our experts will monitor and analyse your CTR, CPM (CPC, CPS, CPL are also available) and dozens of other stats to make sure we achieve your campaign goals.

The costs of good quality campaign

The costs of our RTB campaigns depend on many different factors, including the area of business you’re in, the products or services you offer and the amount of competition on the market. Typically, we propose starting with a test campaign in CPM, and then changing the cooperation model to the safer CPL/CPS after 2 months. Most advertisers start with budget $2000 and increase the amount after the test period. In our RTB campaigns, our fee is included in the CPM/CPL/CPS, so you can be sure that you get the exact amount of views, clicks, leads, or sales you want. Every customer has different needs, so we recommend you contact so we can put together an offer tailored specifically to you and your business.

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How do we work?

Here is a list of the things we will do if you decide to cooperate with us:


1. Define KPI's

  • Goals – Tell us your business goals.
  • Strategy – We will propose a strategy to achieve this based on budget.

2. Create a strategy

  • Ads Recommendation – We will recommend you size, and formats of the best ads for your goals.
  • Placement Research – We will find the best sets of sites to show your ads.

3. Create a campaign

  • Activities – We will build structure of activities fitted to different goals and categories of your product/service.
  • Targeting – We will target you campaign to reach the best users and get the most conversions as possible.
  • Tracking – We will track every impression, click, lead, and sales provided by our campaign.

4. Optimise

  • Activities – We will continue to look for new opportunities based on data. We will optimise activities to get the highest ROI.
  • Targeting – We will optimise campaign targeting based on data form our recent activities.

5. Deliver reports

  • You will get 1 to 4 reports monthly.
  • Every report will show you what we did and which activities was the most successful.
  • You will get summary of our activities and plan for next period of cooperation.

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