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It is hard to be competitive without suitable tools, especially when you are a start-up, an SME, or just a young company. Our IT consulting services offer a full spectrum of support in regard to innovative software for your organisation. We specialise in solutions that will help keep your business running at the lowest operational cost, while maximising your business results. We first start a project with an accurate analysis of processes within your company. We then recommend the best set of solutions for you to fulfil your business needs and expectations.


Technology is fastest-growing industry in the world. In cooperation with Us, you will get access to the latest technology, comprehensive know-how and proven IT solutions for your organisation.


Save your time and improve internal and external communication in your organisation with the greatest solutions on the market. Build your competitive advantage and equip employees with the tools that your business needs for its prosperity.


Manage your business better and generate more revenue with advanced IT solutions. Make decisions based on facts – not intuition only.

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Management of relationship with your Customers is certainly a vital part of your business. We will assist you in selecting the proper software that will benefit you for years to come, ensuring that nothing in your sales process is missed (e.g., in sizeable spreadsheets or calendars of your sales forces). Additionally, we will implement choice solutions for you to provide you with ready-to-use solutions — not only for you — but also for your sales team, financial department, or mid-level managers.

Accounting Software

Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, you will need high-quality Accounting Software. Advanced reporting modules, accuracy in business decision processes, and saving you valuable time are just a few of the many benefits which will come to you with accounting software. Additionally, we can integrate your accounting software with CRM, your company’s bank account, and much more – all just to give you more profits and satisfaction in your everyday management tasks.

Recruitment Software

The right employees are the most valuable asset to any organisation. You can try to find them manually, or you can use the services of a popular recruitment agency. However, what if you could find a solution which allows you to discover the best candidates for your organisation, collectively saving you a lot of valuable time and money? Sounds good, doesn’t it? We are very knowledgeable about the best recruitment solutions available on the market. With our help, you can change your HR department into a powerful recruitment machine and earn benefits during every step of your recruitment process.

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While it’s true that we are focused on start-ups and the SME segment, we are also aware that some C-level executives have preferred IT solutions used within their departments. Our role, in this case, is to integrate already-used solutions with those recommended by us, giving you full access to benefits and for better business results achieved by your organisation.

Marketing Automation

Did you know that you can automatically send emails to users who visited your website more than five times within the last three days? You will then get a notification in your CRM and on your mobile device that you have a potential customer that has visited your website, recently and frequently. We have the tools to do this for you! You will only be responsible for setting goals in regard to automation within your company. We will take care of essentially everything else for you.

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