Interim Management

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Interim Management

Interim Management services have been developed especially for those CEOs who need strong essential support or solutions for specific problems. If you need to hire an experienced and skilled senior executive to help you, without long-term commitment or risk of permanent employment, this service is for you. Interim Managers are commonly used to develop sales, marketing, or in transition periods during the transformation of a company. While the Interim Manager is employed by your company, they will work directly with you in your office or remotely. Their focus is to achieve a specific goal in an agreed amount of time.


Interim Managers are responsible for projects. They are focused on a particular problem or a whole process which you want to change. They are business professionals with high authority, therefore you do not need to spend your valuable time on monitoring and controlling them.


Authority and credibility of Interim Managers is based on their experience and knowledge. They actively add value to your organisation, which makes them more effective and efficient. This is especially true in regard to difficult tasks, or if there is a considerable amount of work pressure within the company.


Interim Managers are much more objective than employees and provide a fresh perspective on situations within your organisation. They manage from a high level, therefore they can make certain changes much quicker and with much less chance of sentiment-based decisions.

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1. Defining Objectives

Firstly, you need to define objectives for your Interim Manager. What would you like to change, or improve in your organisation? Do you need a restructuring of your entire sales team, or perhaps you are looking for a Managing Director for a few months? We can cover most of your needs related to high executive positions.


4. Routine

During the project, the Interim Manager can work with you in your office or remotely. This depends on your needs and the project’s demands. Regardless of this, we work very closely throughout this entire period.


2. Validating the Choice

We will propose a profile of an Interim Manager for you to choose for your project. You need to ensure that their level of experience and practical knowledge is thorough enough for this project. Our goal is to give you confidence that you have made the right choice.


5. Measuring

Because the Interim Manager is accountable for results, they are measured with agreed KPIs throughout all projects to ensure that you maintain full control.


3. Timeline

It’s time to work together on a timeline related to your project. Interim Managers work strictly in accordance to an agreed timeline, and they are accountable for producing results within this timeline. The period for the timeline commences at the first moment when the Interim Manager begins to work directly with you within your company.


6. End of the Assignment

The Interim Manager’s completion of work is defined on the basis of an assignment. The length of an assignment is usually between 6 and 18 months. Following the end of the assignment, we will produce documentation to assist the management or the Interim Manager’s successor to take over responsibilities.

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