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It does not matter where your company operates. A good plan is the crucial point for a success story of your brand. We will help you to prepare a Business Plan with defined Milestones, a Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis, and additional important documentation vital to the success of your business. With a good plan, you will get a better view of the situation within your company, and you will get more tools to manage properly and effectively.


Good documentation is vital for everyone. We will create for you, or help you create great plan for your company’s development.


We will help you to find opportunities to grow your business and we will exceed your expectations in regards to business management.


You need to know how to measure results and interpret them – we will create KPIs for departments in your organisation to give you confidence that every decision you take is based on facts.

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Business Planning

Basic Framework for Your Business

To manage effectively, you need to know your goal, your current position, and to have a plan. We will develop a whole plan for your company to help you achieve business goals faster and more efficiently. We will also implement tools and templates to help you succeed in excellent business management.

  • Business Plan – We will help you to prepare a Business Plan corresponding with Australian Government guidelines.
  • Business Model Canvas – This is a tool commonly used by start-ups and small enterprises to effectively manage their businesses and develop their products effectively.
  • SWOT – Find strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your organisation
  • Sales Processes – Plan motivational activities for your sales forces and exceed your sales capabilities.


It is hard to overestimate finances management for the healthy development of your organisation. We will analyse, optimise and automate processes in your finances department to help you find new opportunities to increase ROI in your company, spend less time on repetitive tasks, and be more efficient.

  • Analysis – We will analyse data management and workflow related to your finance department and recommend changes to increase their effectiveness.
  • Optimisation – We will prepare a ready-to-implement optimisation plan.
  • Automation – We provide tools which allow you to automate your financial processes to simplify your work, save you time, and increase ROI in your company.


It’s easy to sell with a well-developed sales strategy. We will provide for you both — a direct and indirect sales strategy which includes items such as:

  • Sales Plans – Based on historical data, current market trends, and capabilities of your sales team, we will prepare highly customised sales plans for your sales forces to exceed their capabilities and give them more satisfaction in their work.
  • Scripts for Telemarketing – If your sales are based on telemarketing, it’s worthy to think about professional sales script for this purpose. It will help you to achieve better results with the same efforts.
  • Content for Sales Emails – Email marketing and marketing automation are extremely effective tools, but proper content is crucial here. Our copywriters, in cooperation with our Business Consultants, will prepare whole email marketing communication for your organisation.
  • Sales Processes Development – The only challenge in sales is to sell effectively. With a good sales process, you will avoid task duplication and manage internal communication and task delegation much more efficiently.
  • Indirect Sales Development – Indirect or partner sales channels are vital for sales in a great number of B2B companies. We will help you in planning and executing your indirect sales channel.
  • Interim Management – Do you need an experienced manager, but you want to avoid long-term obligations? Perhaps, you need assistance with setting up your sales or marketing team, and you would like to continue activities with your own resources? Then Interim Management services look like great solutions for you. We will delegate our Business Consultant directly to your company for a specified project. For more information, please contact us here: LINK.

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