AdWords campaigns

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AdWords Campaigns

We will reach the users most valuable to you, increase your conversion rate and optimise the Google AdWords costs. Are you ready to increase your number of ready-to-buy customers? Google AdWords offers a lot of advantages compared to other forms of advertising, but the most important ones are:


AdWords campaigns are one of the most effective online marketing solutions available today mainly because they allow you to get a high return on your marketing investment.


AdWords allow you to reach out to the people who are actually looking for information about your product or service, meaning your ad appears with the answer right when someone asks a question. Additionally, your ads are only targeted at the area that interests you at any given moment.


We know which actions bring about the desired result, and we focus only on those that have the potential to positively impact your business.

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The Google AdWords Certification

You need a lot of professional knowledge and considerable experience to provide the desired results when using Google AdWords. This seemingly simple system can cause difficulties for many people who want to use it as an effective tool to generate leads or sales. AdWords favours those who use well-structured campaigns, high-preforming keywords, and perfectly tailored advertisings. Therefore, AdWords could be difficult to manage properly for people who wish to use them to achieve excellent campaign results. If you let us take care of your AdWords campaign, you can rest assured it will be managed by our professional specialists, all of whom possess Google AdWords Certifications. Our dedicated team will monitor the proceedings on an ongoing basis, and continue to optimise your campaign in order to increase CTR, reduce CPC and maximise the number of delivered leads. We know how to do it!

Costs of good quality campaign

The cost of managing your campaign depends on your product, the amount of competition on the market and the season. That’s why we’ve prepared a few different AdWords Packages you can choose from according to your needs. Our AdWords Packages range from $300 per month for smaller accounts up to and above $3000 per month for large accounts. No matter which one you decide on, you can be sure all of the activities will be carried out as precisely and efficiently as possible, and that every dollar spent is used to achieve your targets. If you have more specified needs, just ask us and we will prepare a tailor-made offer specifically for you.

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How do we work?

Here is a list of the things we will do if you decide to cooperate with us:


1. Deifne KPI's

  • Goals – Tell us your business goals.
  • Strategy – We will propose a strategy to achieve your goals based on your budget.

2. Analyze your competition

  • Research – We will check what your competition is doing.
  • Analysis – We will think what could be done better.

3. Create a strategy

  • Competition Analysis – We will check what your competition is doing.
  • Keyword Research – We will do plenty of research to find out which keywords will be the most effective for you.
  • Negative Keywords Development – Negative keywords are very important, as they can help reduce your costs and increase your return on investment.
  • Placement Research – We will find the best places, times and users for your ad in order to achieve your goals at the lowest cost.

4. Create a campaign

  • Keywords – We will create list of high-converting keywords.
  • Ad Groups – – We will create ads that are well-matched to your keywords to make managing them more effective.
  • Ad Copy –We will create high quality content for your ads.
  • Targeting – We will target your campaign at the right users so you can get get as many conversions as possible.
  • Tracking – We will help you set up Google Analytics so you can track your leads, conversions and other important data.

5. Optimise

  • Keywords – We will continue to look for new, effective keywords, and delete the ones that did not provide satisfactory results.
  • Ad Copy – We will continue testing ads so we can figure out what’s best for your campaign and get the highest CTR and CvR.
  • Targeting – We will optimise the campaign targeting based on data from our recent activities.

6. Deliver reports

  • You will get from 1 to 4 reports monthly.
  • Every report will show you what we have accomplished and which of our activities were the most successful.
  • You will receive a full summary of our activities and our plan for the next period of cooperation.
The cost of an effective AdWords campaign depends on many factors such as the purpose of the campaign (directing traffic to your website, creating brand awareness, increasing sales), your products or services, your competition and the season, and that’s why we always take the time to prepare the perfect package for your needs.

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